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Golden Rule Retreatis a friendly country house

overlooking  the lovely Vald’Aso and the medieval village of Moresco.

Sitting on three hectares of natural cultivated land, incorporating an olive grove and fruit trees,

it is surrounded with spectacular views towards the Adriatic Sea and the picturesque  cultivated hills.

Rooms & Rates

Come visit us and check out our lovely and comfy rooms.

Each room is personally decorated to make you feel at ease and confortable



A place to rest, relax, contemplate and redesign a living project, a different style of living for all those who wish to change with the help of a non violent life coach


At Golden Rule Retreat, you'll find international and local staff of high competence to provide you with the very best in yoga, Ayurveda and shatzu massage as well as other holistic therapy treatments and a variety of activities. These include nonviolent life coaching sessions, nature excursions, Italian and vegetarian cookery lessons, wine tasting tours, swimming, horse riding, cycling, walking, plus you'll have time to relax, enjoy the near beaches and the atmosphere of the village events.

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